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IAG Forums welcome Partners and Accredited Service Providers to build relationships and gain new knowledge.

October 23 – 25, 2019
Rome, Italy
March 25 – 27, 2020
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

International Assistance Group Offers Several Types of Partnership

For large-scale assistance companies that routinely manage inbound and outbound cases.

Why become a core partner?

For assistance companies that deliver local assistance services in their home country.

Why become an assistance partner?

For specialist providers such as air ambulances and clinics, amongst others.

Why become an accredited service provider?

Our partners are our best ambassadors.
Find out what they say about us.

This is a very critical time for the assistance industry and I think is also a very important time for the IAG.

Michael Marquardt
Chairman at AAI Indonesia & Supervisory Board Member

IAG and Fox Flight share a similar focus of being global and having
high standards.

Aaron Payne
Director of Communications, Fox Flight

We deliver the expected... To cope
with the unexpected.


#travelnews The number of travel bookings from Asian countries to Hong Kong fell by 5.4% during the last month when it was the scene of massive demonstrations against amendments to the extradition law https://t.co/mzYjYSQriv

Our General Manager @louiseheywood was in Milan last week visiting IAG core partner International Care Company to find out about its new innovation projects. We'll be back in Italy in October for the IAG Forum, which takes place in Rome between 23rd and 25th.

Breaking News: British Airways, Lufthansa cancel flights to #Cairo "as a precaution due to a heightened risk of terrorism against aviation" https://t.co/HVMS8al7XY #travelnews

Nairobi-based IAG partner @AMREFFlyingDocs has expanded its aircraft fleet to include 2 newly acquired jets in dedicated medivac configuration, enabling it to reduce response times & improve efficiency